Taking the Chiropractic Care to the next level: David J Lewis DC

1941 O'Farrell Street #108-A

San Mateo California 94403-1374

Superior Training Makes For Greatness:

If you look at Dr. David J Lewis’s professional resume you will see that he is a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic West Campus in San Jose, the first and largest chiropractic college in the nation. When you train with the best, you learn from the best and they motivate you, in turn to join the ranks…of the best! Dr. David J. Lewis continues to learn, earning continuing education credits because he understands that when you are a student for life, you remain open to growth and change.

32 Years In Chiropractic Care Counts:

Dr. David J. Lewis has been a licensed chiropractor in San Mateo County for over 32 years! A native of San Francisco, Dr. David J. Lewis is a neighbor as well as a top health care professional. He has great insight and empathy when it comes to working long hours as we tend to do in the Peninsula and he also is no stranger to being a “weekend warrior”, competing recreationally to relieve work stress. When you choose Dr. David J. Lewis and Baywood Chiropractic you will be evaluated, listened to and treated with care, understanding and respect.


Passion Makes Perfect:

Dr. David J. Lewis loves his work and is passionate when it comes to chiropractic. He and Baywood Chiropractic are committed to staying at the top of their game, strategizing the next chapter in their work plan with innovation; acquiring state of the art methodology and equipment, yet always anchored by a foundation that is built upon traditional chiropractic spinal treatment. He and Baywood Chiropractic welcome your individual spine and joint based pain issues and will customize sessions to meet your lifestyle, needs and preferences.