Taking the Chiropractic Care to the next level: David J Lewis DC

1941 O'Farrell Street #108-A

San Mateo California 94403-1374

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
Through the unknown, remembered gate
When the last of Earth left to discover
Is that which was the beginning;
At the source of the longest river
The voice of the hidden waterfall
And the children in the apple-tree
Not known, because not looked for
But heard, half-heard, in the stillness
Between two waves of the sea.”
T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

About Us

Dr. David J. Lewis, DC

Doctor David J. Lewis has been providing chiropractic care in the San Mateo area for over three decades. His extensive training and proficiency serves to heal a variety of painful or functional symptoms using drug and surgery-free methods including Palmer/Diversified, Thompson, and Koren Specific to name just a few recognized and effective treatment methods. A benefit of his experience is he has seen the entire spectrum of causes and can identify quickly the required therapy for fast relief and permanent resolution of a problem..






Utilizing manual and instrumental spinal adjustments, as well as spinal decompression therapy and complementary exercise/stretching instruction, Dr David J. Lewis and Baywood Chiropractic have earned a well-deserved reputation as the number one chiropractor in San Mateo County.

Baywood Chiropractic is a family practice, accepting patients ranging from newborns with colic and immature digestive systems to geriatric cases with age related pain, limited range of motion and degenerative conditions due to the wear and tear of a life well lived.

Dr. David J. Lewis formulates customized treatment sessions for his patients based on the following information:

Initial Evaluation

Your first visit will include many questions about your pain, including what you believe to be its source, how long you’ve been experiencing it, how it affects daily activities, how intense the pain is, and how frequently you experience pain. Based on the information provided, various tests and procedures are used to determine the cause of pain. Tests and procedures are not meant to cause any further symptoms, but if it does happen, it is helpful in diagnosing the cause of the problem.


Your posture will be observed while standing, at rest, and from all angles as well as how your body moves; i.e., mobility, fluidity, flexibility of ranges of motion for visual clues about your spinal alignment. 


Part of an initial and follow-up evaluations include, physically palpating (feeling) the area of your body that is causing you pain to ascertain if there are misalignments, inflammation or tenderness that present when touched. Certain specialized diagnostic techniques including muscle testing, applied kensiology and KST are painless and helpful in pinpointing the problem.

Based on the results of the initial evaluation, a customized treatment course will be formulated, incorporating manual and/or instrument assisted spinal manipulation and adjustments, spinal decompression therapy and complementary therapies such as hot or cold therapy, electronic stimulation, exercise and stretching routines and regimes, all prescribed and performed with your immediate issues as well as your long-term wellness  in mind.

Dr. Lewis takes pride in the many long-term patient relationships he has developed. Many of his patients recognize chiropractic care as a  work in progress for acute and chronic pain, and pain relief that is kept under control by consistent maintenance and personalized comprehensive care plans.