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Chiropractic Services 

Chiropractic is a drug and surgery-free form of health care focused primarily on the relationship between the function of the nervous system and general well-being. Within Chiropractic is a system of healing that can find the deepest stresses and causes of pain or other symptoms and eliminates them. The musculoskeletal system may also become misaligned and dysfunctional due to occupational and/or recreational wear and tear and/or injury. Following the knowledge that these misalignments, stresses and dysfunctions may cause pressure on the nervous system, effect general health, and may cause pain, chiropractic therapies are required and applied to return the structure of the entire body back into its optimal function.

At Baywood Chiropractic, care is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each individual. These needs and requirements may include, but are not limited to chiropractic therapies, myofascial release, Koren Specific and spinal decompression. Dr. David J. Lewis and Bayview Chiropractic offers these services, for acute and chronic conditions requiring pain relief and functional corrections targeted to the following symptoms:



Chest or abdominal pain

Digestive disorders



Knee and ankle or foot pain

Lower back pain


Muscle weakness

Muscle spasm

Neck, shoulder, arm or hand pain

Numbness and Tingleing


Shoulder pain


And more; If your condition is not listed, Dr. Lewis offers a no fee consultation to discuss your condition and what may be done about it.