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Instrument Assisted Spinal Adjustments

As lazers have replaced the scalpel, highly sophisticated hand held instruments designed to administer light impulses at a frequency specific to a patient is proving effective and widely accepted. These instruments are safe for patients of any age and are preferred by patients who prefer not to hear the popping that attends traditional manual treatment. Treatment is gentle, very quick and has the advantage of being used while standing or sitting as well as laying on a treatment table. The results are equal to or better than strictly manual adjusting and is either frequently or exclusively employed in the therapies used by Dr. Lewis.

Additional benefits include:


The ability to use maximum, even force on smaller areas than a typical manual adjustment can accomplish.


The ability to mechanically adjust the force action to accommodate your needs and comfort.


A shortened overall treatment time due to more accurate and focused adjustments to the area in pain.


The rapid speed of this instrument is thought to aid relief and restoration because muscles are less likely to tense or “guard” when it is used, hence the efficacy of the treatment is less likely to be resisted.

Baywood Chiropractic believes that customized care plans are integral to effective and lasting pain relief and resolution. As such, Dr. David J. Lewis is fully trained and certified, so that when range of motion injuries, and acute musculoskeletal misalignments that are accompanied by spasms present themselves, he is able to prescribe and perform instrument assisted spinal adjustments that offer maximum, targeted relief and resolution. Whether choosing to utilize this tool as the primary source of spinal realignment or adding it as a complementary technique to manual spinal adjustments, you can rest assured that you will be given the most appropriate and accurate treatment plan for your individual chiropractic wants and needs.