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Neck Pain

The neck, also known as the cervical spine is located at the base of the skull and includes 7 vertebrae. This delicate structure manages to support the full weight of your head (on average 12 pounds) while maintaining the fluidity and flexibility that allows you to move your head in practically any direction you choose! Is it any wonder, then, that necks tend to become strained or injured at the least provocation, merely by “turning” or “sleeping on it the wrong way”? Other causes of neck pain and injury include extended sitting (especially in front of a “screen”), repetitive movement injuries, falls and/or blows to the head or body, aging and normal “wear and tear”. Add to the list degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease as well as poor posture, obesity and a weak core structure and it is no exaggeration that nearly all of us at one time or another, will experience neck pain and/or injury.

Our Process:

We will use your answers, along with thorough physical and neurological exams, palpation and manual mobility tests to determine the root source of your neck pain and/or injury as well the foundation upon which to formulate a customized chiropractic series to alleviate and resolve your pain. Additionally, we may order tests to help us pinpoint your condition, including x-rays, CT or CAT scans or MRIs to help us locate bulging discs and herniations. If we suspect that nerve damage is the culprit of your neck pain, we may order a special test called an EMG to measure nerve response time.

When you choose Baywood Chiropractic to alleviate your neck pain and/or injury, we will start the initial session by asking you the following types of questions:


When did you first start having neck pain and/or mobility issues?


Have you already tried anything to alleviate your neck pain?


Is the pain only in your neck or do you feel as if it radiates or “travels” to other parts of your body?


Is there any activity or movement that seems to relieve your neck pain or worsen it?

After a thorough diagnoses, we will proceed safely to cervical manipulations and other complimentary treatments including mobilization, massage and/or rehabilitative exercise regimes to strengthen your neck structures and prevent future recurring pain and injury.