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Complementary Exercise/Stretching Instruction

At Baywood Chiropractic we believe a body in motion is a body that has a much better chance of being pain free. If you have come to us in search of acute or chronic pain relief, after our initial treatments geared to providing you fast, effective pain respite, we will soon add in a customized complementary exercise/stretching regime formulated for your continued pain management and eventual resolution.

After consulting with your primary care physician, and taking into consideration your current fitness level, mobility and range of motion issues, we will design your at home exercise/stretching regime, demonstrate and instruct you step by step and help you keep a journal of your consistency and progress, checking in from time to time after chiropractic sessions to test for improved strength, flexibility, fluidity and range of motion.


The benefits of consistent, level appropriate aerobic exercise for those patients suffering from chronic lower back, hip and neck pain are numerous, least of which is a decreased incidence and severity of the original chronic pain source. Other benefits include:


Improved digestion


Improved muscle tone


Improved posture


Improved circulation

An exercise routine as simple as daily walks around the block, can result in these overall wellness benefits and more. It is important to understand that household chores and physical work requirements all count as physical exercise, chipping away at the amount of physical activity you may require to remain pain free.

In addition to physical activity, we may also prescribe specific exercises and stretches targeted at your individual pain reduction needs. These may include:


Core and/or pelvic girdle stabilizing and strengthening exercises


Stretches that promote lengthening of shortened muscles such as hamstrings, adductors, quads, glutes and other postural muscles


Exercises, stretches and poses that promote improved balance

We will enquire about your work day and home routines to determine how much sitting and standing you do in a typical day, and then prescribe interval stretches designed to aid circulation and ensure that little used and overused muscle groups don’t shorten or grow lax from underemployment or from literally being locked into place for long periods of time or used in repetitive gestures that could result in injury.

Dr. David J. Lewis is a keen advocate for practical mind/body connections that ensure continued wellness not only for your original evaluation and diagnosis but for your body as a unified entity.