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Knee Pain

If you have ever experienced the debilitation of knee pain, only to be told there is nothing for it but to take painkillers and rest, then you understand the frustration many people feel as they search for an alternative that will offer them relief, resolution and a better quality of life than “living”  with painful and mobility limiting knee problems that occur with every step you take.

Common sources of knee pain

Common sources of knee pain include injury and the wear and tear of osteoarthritis. Because of its relative location in the human body, it has long been believed that the best cure for this “dis-ease” is to immobilize it and deaden the pain with pills. In the long term and in actuality, there could probably not be a worse way to treat chronic pain in this essential joint!

The knee is a tricky and complex joint that depends primarily on the surrounding ligaments and muscles to maintain position and stability. It requires a remarkably delicate balance for a joint that is weight bearing and literally connects the thigh and the lower leg.

When you choose Baywood Chiropractic your session will begin with a thorough examination of the affected knee joint, as well as the low back, pelvis, hip, ankle and foot of the affected leg, as these surrounding structures may all play a part as the culprit and main source of your knee pain.