Taking the Chiropractic Care to the next level: David J Lewis DC

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Pediatric and Adult care

Dr. David J. Lewis and Baywood Chiropractic believe spinal manipulation is a family affair, offering both pediatric and adult care. From the point of pregnancy through birth, early childhood, up through the growing pains of adolescence into adulthood through middle age and geriatric care, chiropractic can support your family with wellness.

Additional benefits include:


Improved immune system


Improved sleeping patterns


Improved focus and positive outlook

Many women experience aches and pain in the lower back and hips during pregnancy. Because chiropractic doesn’t involve drugs or surgical intervention, it’s a safe alternative that works to relieve spinal nerve stress while encouraging wellness throughout the entire body during pregnancy. Baywood Chiropractic will schedule sessions for you that utilize an adjusting table for your growing belly and techniques that do not involve abdominal pressure.

Children as young as a few weeks after birth can experience relief from colic, impaired sucking, acid reflux, and digestion issues by gentle adjustments that allow their brand-new systems to reset while improving systemic regulation.

Adolescents suffer physical and emotional distress as they grow and change. Chiropractic treatment offers a drug-free, hands-on approach to coping with the symptoms of all this chaotic change, including aches, pains, headaches, spinal and joint stress and strain. We treat teens for many competitive sports issues as well as meeting the wellness needs of young dancers, gymnasts, martial artists and more. Baywood Chiropractic believes that introducing your adolescent to chiropractic can set the foundation for healthy lifestyles.

Geriatric chiropractic treatment targets the issues of seniors including the musculoskeletal systems that show the results of the wear and tear of a life well lived. With consideration for brittle bones and shortened muscles due to age and atrophy, Baywood Chiropractic’s primary mission is to treat and resolve your pain at every age and stage, meeting you where your needs have placed you.