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Traditional chiropractic spinal treatment

Chiropractic is a drug-free form of alternative medicine focused primarily on adjusting the musculoskeletal system when it becomes misaligned due to, accidental, occupational and/or recreational wear and tear and/or injury. Following the belief that these misalignments effect general health due to the direct relationship between the spine and the nervous system. When the manual adjustments used in chiropractic are performed, specifically spinal manipulation therapy, coupled with the manipulations of joints and surrounding soft tissues, the structure of the entire body is put back into its ideal baseline, and the body’s structures are all allowed the freedom from shortened muscles and constricted fascia that the original skeletal misalignment caused.

Manual spinal manipulation:

Traditional chiropractic spinal treatment or manual spinal manipulation consists of a series of adjustments conducted by a licensed and certified chiropractor with the primary intention of realigning skeletal structures, which then allow muscles to relax and lengthen, joints to loosen and re-lubricate with synovial fluid and other soft tissue to regain their baseline fluidity and flexibility.

This classic chiropractic treatment is used for many types of acute and chronic pain relief and resolution including back, neck, shoulder and headache pain, but it can also be effective for maladies as wide ranging as menstrual pain and sinus relief!

Manual spinal manipulation is the umbrella term for over 100 types of spinal adjustments used the world over, both in western medicine and traditional Asian medicine. The actual force used in these adjustments cover a wide spectrum from quite forceful twisting techniques to relatively passive spinal mobilization methods. Generally, spinal adjustments are performed on a padded, height adjustable table similar to a massage table. Parts of these table are often designed with the option to lower or “drop” parts of the body during the adjustment, adding additional force to the original movement of the adjustment being performed.

During classic spinal manipulation adjustments that use controlled but sudden force, it is not at all unusual to hear cracking or popping noises as the adjustment is made to the skeletal structure or joint that is being worked upon. During spinal mobilization, which utilizes less force and more passive stretching techniques, the adjustment is subtler without the noises and sensations of spinal manipulation.

Dr. David J. Lewis and Baywood Chiropractic take great pride in offering traditional chiropractic treatment to their patients who suffer from joint and muscle pain as a result of an injury, occupational or recreational misuse or chronic issues that have not responded to other treatment.