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Lower Back Pain

Back pain in general, and specifically lower back pain can often be traced back to spinal compression and misalignment issues. After a thorough physical examination, palpitation and check for possible limits of mobility, along with a verbal discussion about events and activities that could have acerbated acute or chronic back pain, an initial course of spinal manipulation will be established in chiropractic service.

Chronic back pain can last anywhere from a few days to 12 weeks, to an indefinite period of time, if the source of the pain is not isolated and treated. Whether your back pain is acute, chronic or recurring, we will customize a multi-visit regime formulated to ease and/or lessen the effects of the following issues classically related to back-related pain and immobility:


Work time missed due to back pain and related mobility issues


Loss of day to day function due to back pain and related mobility issues


Escalating pain severity due to ongoing, unrelieved back pain


Escalation of pain frequency due to ongoing, unrelieved back pain


Increasing reliance on anti-inflammatory and/or pain-relieving medications

We will always take underlying health conditions and pre-existing disease into consideration when customizing an individual program for your back pain and have many modifications and alternative services available that will resolve your back pain without risking contraindications.