Taking the Chiropractic Care to the next level: David J Lewis DC

1941 O'Farrell Street #108-A

San Mateo California 94403-1374

At Baywood Chiropractic we believe the strength of our convictions are based upon Three Best Practices:



We can’t help you if you can’t schedule sessions with us. We are committed to being available during business hours, outside of hours, for emergencies 24/7 and through our interactive website and email options. We don’t know of any other chiropractic office in the area that offers our extended range of availability and we’ve seen our business grow and thrive simply because we are there to perform the business of chiropractic at your convenience! Showing up is half the battle and we’ve got it covered.



In the world of complementary alternative treatment, customization is key because we are a health care option, and as such, understand more than most medical professionals what individualized care plans and treatment sessions can do for pain alleviation, management and resolution results and success. Just ask any of our hundreds of satisfied patients: they are our best advertising as they live, work and play in a pain free state after choosing us as their chiropractic professionals.

We take your job, your lifestyle, your leisure activities, current level of fitness and overall wellness goals and much more into mindful consideration when formulating the best care plan for you!


Chiropractic For Wellness

At Baywood Chiropractic we all live locally and enjoy the lifestyle this beautiful part of the country affords us all. We also believe that chiropractic can and should be a primary element in everyone’s wellness agenda.

In the spectrum of chiropractic wellness, we offer the gamut of care – from relief and resolution from acute pain issues to control and management of chronic pain to prescriptive treatment sessions that ensure a healthy for your continued happiness, health and wellness.

When it comes to our best practices, this is the bottom line: You can go to a chiropractor for one off treatment or you can begin a relationship with Dr. David J.  Lewis and Baywood Chiropractic that will result in a lifetime of wellness.